Multi-Channel Tissue/Organ Baths
    Bio-sensors and Transducers
    Micro Vessel Needle and Wire Myograph
    Surgical & Dissection Instruments
    Bio-Amplifiers, Probes & Electrodes
    Transducers & Bridge Amp
    Data Acquisition System
    Precision Microscopes
    Linear Stages & Micro-manipulators
    Quality Lab Supplies
“ We are really impressed with the system...”

“We have an EZ-Bath setup which has been excellent…”

“I must congratulate you on the system you have developed…”

Also: $3k-8k less than competitions
  • 1.25mm micro pressure sensor–Implantable;
  • Pulse, respiratory, temperature & physiological sensors;
  • O2, NO, glucose, ionic biosensors or electrodes; And more…
  • Vascular/tubular tissues 60 microns and up;
  • Sensitivity up to 0.2-0.5mg;
  • Precision, efficient and affordable;
Finally no microscope needed
for micro vessel myograph!
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